“I am you,

you are me,
we are we,
I commit to thee.”

About J.V.H Empower

JVH Empower believes by empowering one; you can empower many. We specialize in co-creating empowered communities where all are seen, heard and belong. Our healing-centered facilitation framework creates safe and supportive somatic learning environments that empower individuals to unite in healing, purpose and action.

J.V.H Empower Services


Through healing centered facilitation practices, J.V.H supports and creates an environment that allows participants to feel safe and supported in order to expand partnerships, share resources, and promote continuous quality improvement. 

Empowerment Resources 


Check out the resources shared by J.V.H Empower that allow each individual to reflect, learn, unite and will inspire Joy, Vitality, & Hope.

Meet the Creators of 
J.V.H Empower Consulting 


Oakland, CA 94603


Tel: 510-387-2904

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