Portals of Individual & Collective Care:
Empowerment Offerings in Healing & Wellness

Through healing centered and relational leadership practices, we co-create brave and nurturing adult learning environments and conscious relationships.

Our heart- minded facilitation, empowers you to engage in a learning journey of self exploration, discovery, healing and conscious action.

We embody a healing justice approach to professional and personal development that uplifts and rejuvenates all beneficiaries.

Image by Christopher Burns

Enlightenment Sessions

I give thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow in a space filled with diverse identities, perspectives, talents and gifts. We invite you to engage in a learning journey of expansion that engages the mind, heart, body & spirit. Feel into the list of session offerings and schedule one for your team today.


Empowerment Retreats & Collective Care Circles

Self care is a revolutionary act. I will protect and nourish my mind, heart, body & spirit at all times. This practice will allow me to show up as the best version of myself for those I care for and love. We invite you to integrate & embody what this declaration truly means through a retreat or collective care circle that bridges your team to regenerative rituals & practices in emotional, relational and physical care. 


Empowerment Coaching

I will be curious about any emotional discomfort I feel during my learner journey. In this discomfort lies the expansion of all learning possibilities and aids in my personal growth. We invite you to connect to your inner power and authenticity through our 1:1 coaching sessions. These coaching sessions offer you the space & time to connect with your authentic self and core needs, while discovering the restorative practices that help you live this truth in any life experience or circumstance.


Keynote Speaker or Facilitator

I will authentically engage with the members of this learning community by sharing my gifts, perspectives, stories and experiences. Empower one, Empower many! JVH Empower believes in the power of representation and is committed to offering love & liberation to the collective of humanity in all forms. We welcome invitations to speaking engagements or facilitating restoration practices for collective or personal gatherings.

Let's Work Together

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