JVH Empower co-creates empowered communities belonging. Our healing centered facilitation and relational leadership practices, creates brave and nurturing learning spaces that allow participants to cultivate and strengthen their ability to dream and manifest heart centered solutions to ending racism and hate. These learning conditions help participants integrate and embody the sovereignty one has over their individual learner journey and allows participants to embrace their authentic selves. 

JVH Empower uses a co-creation process in which a future or existing co-creator (client) collaborates with JVH Empower to design a customized service offering that honors and aligns with one's mission, values,  goals, capacity, and investment in the project. 

JVH Empower provides co-creators with a range of research, analysis and resource services that empowers you to step into your strengths and co-create new structures, opportunities, and services.

JVH Empower embodies strength-based approaches and promising practices rooted in healing, empowerment, and justice to co-create heart-centered solutions of belonging to ending racism and hate in all its forms.



Each team member at JVH Empower is committed to

"co-creating empowered liberating learning environments where all are seen, heard, and belong."

JVH Empower Home Frequency


Vanessa Hernandez

Co-Founder and Creator

Vanessa Hernandez is an innovator of healing and resilience whose purpose is to offer conscious co-creations of love, liberation and empowerment to the collective of humanity.


She is committed to creating the nurturing spaces needed to embrace our lived experiences as opportunities to be empowered, liberated and more in alignment with our true gifts and purpose.


She is known for creating spaces of empowerment where one can recall and reclaim their authentic energies. These spaces of remembrance and transcendence offer you a brave and nurturing space to connect with your inner power while discovering the restorative practices that anchor you in the rejuvenation needed to help you live this truth in any life experience or circumstance.


She is a heart-centered co-creator, with expertise in Trauma-Informed and Healing Care, Mental Health & Wellness, DEIB, Transformative Coaching, Community Building, Training Design,  Facilitation and Energy Healing. She has created spaces for and healed with youth, teenagers and adults through the many stops of her learning journey.


Jenny Hicks

Co-Founder and Creator

 Jenny Hicks is a joyous, creative, and heart-minded co-creator who believes that by empowering one person, you can empower many.

She cultivates ecosystems of belonging where all are seen and heard through the power of joy combined with lived experiences, studies in Human Resources Management, DEIB, Action Planning, Focus Conversations, and Conseuse Building. She also has expertise in Project Design & Management, Brokering Partnerships & Resources, and Data Collection & Analysis. 


She is known for asking thought-provoking questions that help identify strengths—holding those strengths and creating a space where people feel safe to identify and express areas of growth. Then, using a strength-based approach, she shares resources and strategies to help a person improve and take action to achieve the outcome that meets their needs and community.


She is committed to co-creating engaging in-person or online activities where participants feel safe, brave, and nurtured as they learn, collaborate, and are empowered to take action rooted in equity and love.