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Honoring Past & Present



Embodying Equity With Leaders 

JVH Empower co-created a series of Equity Centered Leadership Circles for the Executive Directors of EDMO. These circles provided a space for organizational leaders to co-create conscious relationships of belonging and go inward to learn and embody strategies to lead for equity with the heart and mind.


Through the Embodying Equity Leadership Circle Series, JVH Empower collaborates with leaders to co-create a Statement of Strategic Direction while deepening their understanding of Equity and establishing a conscious relationship with themselves, staff, and their community.

Service Offering: Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, Community Building, Training, Coaching and Resource Development.


Transmuting Trauma in the Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit

JVH Empower has collaborated with organizations like Community & Youth Outreach (CYO)  to offer the trauma healing learner journey, Transmuting Trauma in the Heart, Mind, Body & Spirit. 


JVH Empower supports organizations that work with communities experiencing high levels of poverty, violence, structural racism and inequities, and trauma. The impact of supporting people through these lived experiences goes beyond burn out or fatigue. This heart minded learning journey helps participants develop a holistic toolkit that anchors them in the health and wellness practices that awakens, clears and evolves heavily charged emotions that show up in the work place and in the spaces we lead or hold for others.

Service Offering: Trauma-Informed and Healing Care, Mental Health, Training, Coaching and Resource Development.


Equity Centered Community of Practice 

JVH Empower works with organizations like Jamboree Housing to cultivate spaces that inspire partnerships between various positions of power within an organization. In top down management structures, intentional collaboration and team building between all organizational positions and roles is vital to improving work place culture, impact and outcomes for your organization.

Using an Equity Centered Community of Practice framework, JVH Empower supports organizations or individuals seeking to eliminate the systems, structures and beliefs that perpetuate oppression and rebuild them with loving and equitable societies that center the voice and choice of individuals at the margins.


JVH Empowers Equity Centered Community of Practice is a process that unites people under the consensus of a shared vision, purpose and the collective action needed to embody equity centered practices and cultivate communities of empowerment.

Service Offering: Community Building, Data Analysis, Training, Coaching and Resource Development.

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Professional Learning Communities

JVH Empower has joined creative forces with organizations like the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH) to deepen the members of their Professional Learning Community's (PLC) collective efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic with greater health, wellness, and equity.


JVH Empower offers Professional Learning Communities (PLC) a wide range of enlightenment workshop topics like virtual programming and  virtual facilitation tips and tricks, mental health and wellness, family engagement and much more.

During JVH Empower enlightenment workshops, members of a PLC will have the opportunity to Integrate (review content and theory) and Embody (practice and apply learning) promising practices that honor the sovereignty one has over their individual learner journey.

Service Offering: Training, Coaching and Resource Development.

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