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Through healing centered and relational leadership practices, we co-create brave and nurturing adult learning environments and conscious relationships. Our heart-minded facilitation, empowers you to engage in a learning journey of self exploration, discovery, healing and conscious action. We embody a trauma-healing approach to professional and personal development that uplifts and rejuvenates all beneficiaries.


Empowerment of Oneself 

We provide co- creators with the opportunity to see themselves as proactive individuals engaged in a continuous cycle of radical and critical reflection of their self concept, identity, and leadership philosophy.


Brave and Nurturing Spaces 

We create brave and nurturning spaces that integrate and embody  healing centered engagement and somatic experiencing techniques.  These frameworks create the conditions needed to cultivate communities of empowerment that anchor each individual to the joy, vitality and hope in their unique learner journey.


Collective Wisdom

We cultivate spaces that inspire partnerships between people, organizations, and institutions using their individual and collective gifts to eliminate the systems, structures and beliefs that perpetuate and create oppression and rebuild them with loving and equitable societies.




Empowering Many

We inspire individuals to embody a mental model that uses a continuous process of reflection, innovation, and conscious action to empower those committed to embodying  liberation in their way of being, becoming and belonging.

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